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Matt is pumping iron!

The picture to the left is the molecule ferritin.  It stores iron in our bodies. Matt wrote software and rendered this molecule after learning about the protein data bank RCSB from Aki, his scientist brother-in-law who builds medical microscopes.

  Matt and many of his family members are hemachromatic. Their bodies do not dispose of iron, and instead store it where they can! To remedy this they donate blood regularly and have diet restrictions!  

  This ferritin render will be printed in full color sandstone. It will be our first design printed in multi-color!

  Do you have a favorite molecule? Let us know, and we can try and print it!

Living with a chronic illness

Emyli Dahlia is the owner of Golddust Couture, an online conscious apparel and wellness shop.  She lives with Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disorder.   She and Matt designed the adjustable midi rings below for her store! She writes, "My illness doesn't directly affect my branding but it has had a huge part in my journey. Chronic pain and autoimmune associated problems took me from a "9-5" lifestyle and led me to start my own business so I can work from home. I am inspired by people who keep getting up no matter how many times life knocks them down and I am grateful to have found a small way to help spread inflammatory bowel disease awareness with GoldDust. The GoldDust Portals logo was conceived by combining the alchemical symbols for gold (two circles,) and femininity (inverted pyramid.) A portal is a doorway that connects two distant locations in space time. The Portals Collection represents moving forward and taking chances.