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P53 and Ferritin molecules

Printing molecules!

Last month, Matt created a render of ferritin. Ferritin is a molecule that stores iron in the body.  He used data from the  protein data bank RCSB.

He had the render 3D printed in multicolor sandstone and along with a render he did of a piece of the P53 Tumor Suppressor. P53 is a protein found in the body that stops the reproduction of damaged cells.

In the ferritin print each color represents an amino acid.  In the P53 tumor suppressor each color represents an element!

Find us at Zaphera!

We are now on display at Zaphera!

Zaphera is an independent Boutique in South Denver.  Owner Christina Nanos Selk found our booth at the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market. When she received us at her store, she quickly left to go and clean her paint stained hands. She was busy experimenting with paint and furniture.  She is constantly trying out new ideas.

She thought our 3D printed earrings might do well in her store!
Thank you, Christina!

Stop by her store or reserve a spot at her craft night!