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P53 and Ferritin molecules

IBM's Fractal financials!

An IBM representative contacted us and requested a mandelbulb in blue.  She needed it for a keynote talk to bankers.

Mandelbrot, a mathematician brought the mandelbulb and other fractals to attention. The representative said,” Mandelbrot was also a luminary in the field of risk management with his fractal model theory, so a physical representation is neat + the 3d printing aspect is always a good conversation piece."

Watch this documentary to learn more about Mandelbrot and fractals.


An Artist's Passion

Ken, an inspiring artist found our Etsy shop and messaged us about our turbulent ring.  The conversation evolved over many hours, and we designed a ring that we thought was a finished piece.   However, when he received the ring, he continued to physically work on the design. The final result can be seen in the beautiful pendant necklace he crafted in the photo.  Thank you, Ken, for taking a chance with us, and creating! It means a lot to us!