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Summer School!

 The Boulder Friends’ School invited us to continue teaching at their school!

  We will be teaching a public 3D printing class.

  In our previous class, Sadie, a 3rd grader, designed the ring shown in the image.  She planned and drafted for about an hour to get the ear look she desired.

  The curriculum will include using CAD software to design rings! Printing topological designs!  Using scanning software to make 3D scans, playground time and more!!
  Class price increases after Friday, April 15th.

when: Monday June 13- Thursday June 16; 12:30p.m.-3:30p.m.

who: anyone grades 4-7
where:Friends' School
5465 Pennsylvania Ave, Boulder, CO 80303

  Click here to learn more!

Matt built a new printer!

After taking apart two digital screen projectors, the new 3D printer is complete!

Instead of using conduction to melt plastic, this printer uses UV, ultra violet light, that hardens a liquid plastic.  This is the same UV light in the sun that damages our skin.

The orange-yellow cover protects our body from UV light.

The printer is lighter and smaller then our other printer. It will be easier to transport to events.  It also prints finer detail than the previous printer.

Do you recognize the dodecahedron shapes in the printer?

Matt will take these plastic pieces, and cast them himself!


Events-Get your tickets!

Apr. 30-May 1 Rocky Mountain STEAMFEST- We will have our booth! Come 3D print!

Jun.17-19 Denver Comic Con-Come visit our booth!