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We are two mechanical engineers, a husband and wife duo, who find the beauty in equations.  Hypatia Studio offers jewelry and art pieces based on unique 3D-printed components. Most designs are derived from mathematical functions or geometry and are inspired by patterns in nature. The pieces showcased on our website are only examples.  You deserve to be a part of today’s advances in technology, and to enjoy the beauty it can provide. Most of our designs can be customized in a variety of ways and we’re happy to do so — just ask.

Take a look at our home-made 3D printer in the video below.

Video by Julie Shofner Ciezadlo and Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market


  Hypatia, a Greek philosopher from 1600 years ago, never married, nor bore children.  She instead taught philosophy and astronomy to students who travelled from across the globe to learn from her.   Although she was exceptional, Hypatia’s role in society actually wasn’t uncommon for her time.

At Hypatia Studio  we believe Hypatia would support the joy of learning and using math, history, and nature to craft beauty!

Artist Engineer

Matt Roesle

Matt_websites   I first got involved with 3D-printed jewelry when I wanted to make a special wedding band for my then-fiance (and now wife). 3D printing is a technology that enables anyone to create almost any object – if you can make a computer model of it first. I had an idea for a braided ring, but I couldn’t find software that would let me create a model of the shape I wanted. So, I called on my engineering background to make a mathematical description of the braid, and then wrote a computer program to generate the model of the ring.

  The result turned out better than I had hoped, and I soon found that I could make other designs by applying geometric transformations and changing the braid parameters.


Artist Engineer

Mahi PalanisamiAn Expression of Natural Beauty

   I am the wife the ring was made for!  The real story is that I told him to not purchase a diamond ring for me.  I wanted something that meant more to me than a diamond.  Matt crafted the engagement ring from a $10 steel pipe.  I loved it, but then we realized if I ever injured my finger and needed to cut the ring off, it would become very tricky if not dangerous.  He later told me about 3D printing and a project he was working on. I didn’t understand what he was doing, until he showed me a wax ring he had printed.  I encouraged him to keep going. I love design!  I love using tools to emote, and I love working with admirers of art and innovation!  If you get excited by this world of creation, you have come to the right place!

  As a mechanical engineer and a multi-media artist, I  use my skills to try to create beauty and joy.  Right now I am doing it by working behind the scenes at Hypatia Studio, building my confidence in marketing, outreach, and general business!

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